The FIRST and ONLY web software to work inside LINKEDIN to search, find, edit, upload, and share viral articles in minutes

LinkedIn is the world's BEST and LARGEST Social Network

42% of professionals have a profile on LinkedIn

It's the largest professional network on the planet

LinkedIn has over 365 million members

LinkedIn is growing by more than 30% every year

Over 200 countries are represented on LinkedIn

Over 1 million articles published on Linkedin

92% of B2B marketers use LinkedIn

More than 40% of LinkedIn users are millionaires

Viral Professionals HELPS ALL departments within your organization

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Frequently Asked Questions

1Can I use this with multiple profiles?
Yes, you can use this software with as many profiles as you like.
2How easy is this software to use?
We made this software as easy and user friendly as possible. All you have to do is enter your keywords you want to search, let the software find the most viral articles, select the article you would like to repurpose, than edit as needed, post, and share.
3Will the software work on both Windows and Mac?
4Will I break LinkedIn’s Copyright Policy or Terms of Service?
No, below is directly from LinkedIn. The software works from your browser so it’s not considered a bot. Also, you are not copying information and transferring it outside of LinkedIn. You're taking content posted on LinkedIn and repurposing to be posted back on LinkedIn.

8.2. Don'ts. You agree that you will not: • Scrape or copy profiles and information of others through any means (including crawlers, browser plugins and add-ons, and any other technology or manual work); • Violate intellectual property rights of others, including patents, trademarks, trade secrets, copyrights or other proprietary rights; • Copy or use the information, content or data on LinkedIn in connection with a competitive service (as determined by LinkedIn); • Use manual or automated software, devices, scripts robots, other means or processes to access, “scrape,” “crawl” or “spider” the Services or any related data or information; • Use bots or other automated methods to access the Services, add or download contacts, send or redirect messages;
5Can I schedule my posts?
No as LinkedIn does not allow scheduling of posts into groups which would be against the User Agreement.
6How do I begin?
Pick the license you want to purchase, pay for it, afterwards you will get access to the software and the step by step instructions to begin using the software.
7Do you offer a free trial version?
Yes, we do have a free trial.
8How Is The Software Delivered To Me?
Immediately after your purchase, you get instant access to the software.
9What if I’m completely new to LinkedIn, can I still implement and use the software?
Yes, as long as you are a member on LinkedIn, you can use the software. We designed it to be used by all professionals.
10When should I expect to see results when I use the software?
If you use the software as instructed, you will begin seeing results within hours. The results always vary depending on many factors such as how you use it and what your call to action is.
11Is this a bot which is a violation of my User Agreement?
No, the software is not a bot. You are not collecting member’s information such as profiles. The software works inside your browser so LinkedIn does not consider this a bot.
12If I want to cancel my subscription, can I?
Yes, just email to notify us you would like to cancel. We will make sure your subscription to Viral Professionals is cancelled and you will receive a confirmation email.
13Can I upgrade my subscription to an annual or lifetime subscription?
Yes, just email to notify us of your intentions and we will provide the upgrade information.
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